Wild Island Stage

Welcome to our 2023 Summer series!

Summer 2022

Fotos by Steve Alboucq / Lisa Hagen Glynn/ Katie Morton. Posters by Paul Huber

Summer 2021

2021 was our first season for our Wild Island Stage and we couldn’t have hoped for more fun. From May through September, we presented 32 concerts all free to the community, who enjoyed the open space, sun, and delicious meals on our lawn and deck. Fortunately, we only had to cancel twice due to the weather.
Bands/Artists coming in from the mainland were hosted in our Octagonal cabin we lovingly refer to as “the octagon” thus, “The Octagon Sessions” was born. They performed Thursdays through Saturdays 12:30 to 2 pm. For the 2022 season, if our restaurant staffing allows, we are considering more evening concerts as well.

Fotos by Steve Alboucq / Posters by Paul Huber