I am looking at the picture above. That’s Willie and me on our “Tanuki” anchoring at the Olga dock, Orcas Island, in the summer of 1995. It was during a break when I was working on my M.M. degree here in WA state.

We used to take every chance we could. The sailing season in the PNW is short. It is hard to believe that he’s gone with his spirit still so present through his website Jazzeveryone.com. This project was born around 2010 when Willie decided to use this new technology (internet) to share his wisdom of more than 60 years of playing and teaching. You’ll find more information here https://www.jazzeveryone.com/about/In any case, you should sign up (for free) and check out the entire site. By 2016 he felt that he accomplished what he set out to do, given the fact that his teachings were based on infinitive ideas. He was very happy to see us take over the JE reigns in 2016. It is a big responsibility and an honor alike to take care of his legacy.He was very excited to see the new website roll out in 2018 and hoped to see even more folks getting bit by the be-bop bug. I like the idea of adding this information to my website. It is not all I’m doing, but it has a vital role in my musical life.


While visiting Germany in November 2019, my friend Wolfgang and I had a great pleasure (and fun) of creating a short video about Willie’s method. This one especially for those living in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. However, there are English subtitles, and we are also jamming a little, so it should be fun for all. Enjoy!

On Sept 22, 2019, we all congregated at the Orcas Center and celebrated our dear Willie T. It came together with more heart and soul than we ever could have imagined. Friends filled the stage, sharing music and stories that made us teary but mostly ones that made us laugh. We again want to send enormous thank you’s to all who participated in the concert from near and far, those sitting in the audience, and those who were there in spirit. Orcas Video was with us to capture all of it. Enjoy now the complete show (well, we had to shorten it just a little) following this link.