Oliver Groenewald NewNet Videos


On April 10th 2015, Oliver Groenewald NewNet collaborated with instructors and students from Shoreline Community College’s Music Tech Departments, for a video recorded performance at The Chapel in Seattle. Many fine people worked creatively and diligently to put the project together.

Here is the result, enjoy !

02:35 Speak Low
10:15 I Hear a Rhapsody
18:30 Chillin’ with Chicky-Poo
24:48 Cruisin’ Kalif
31:30 You Don’t Know What Love Is
37:02 King Kong’s Glocken
47:14 K & K
53:45 Minor Affaires


‘Chillin with Chicky-Poo’, featuring Dan Marcus and Jay Thomas




 ‘I hear a Rhapsody’, featuring John Hansen






‘You don’t know what love is”’, featuring Jay Thomas




Enjoy our short “Meet the Band” introduction